How to Become a Horse Breeder?

Do you love horses? Would you love to become a horse breeder but don’t know how? Worry not because you have come to the right place. Most people do not consider horse breeding as a career. While this is a lucrative career, much work is needed and a lot of risks. Being a horse breeder doesn’t mean you will start generating income instantly. You will need a year before you can start generating income. This is because the gestation period of horses is 11 months.

Apart from that, horses are known to have reproductive issues. This means you might spend several dollars in vet bills but end up having no pregnancy. Horse breeding needs patience and determination. But how do you become one? Well, this article we share different ways that you can use to become the best horse breeder in town. Have a look.

Stand your stallion at post

This is the first option to consider if you are planning to become a horse breeder. In case you stand your stallion at a studding, owners of the mares will have to pay you some money so they can breed their mares to the stallion. First, you might want to think that you require expensive and excellent facilities for this task. But you are wrong. 

Most horse breeders choose to utilize artificial insemination when impregnating their mares. While this is the most preferred method, the chances of physical wounds to both the stallion and the mare are small. Apart from that, this method gives high chances of lucky fertilization. This is especially when you compare this method to conventional breeding. Although the semen collection procedure for artificial insemination is straightforward, the success rate of a stallion will be bound to the way the semen is planned for loading to the mare.

Most owners of stallions send their males to a vet for the process of collection. Of course, this is not for free. The vet charges a fee to collect the semen from the owner’s stallion and also get it ready for transfer

As the owner of a stallion, you need to know that effective marketing is critical. You need to get the name of your stallion out there. This will help mare owners to find it an breed with him. Most owners of mares are likely to pick a stallion they haven’t seen before thanks to the popular use of artificial insemination. That is why you should have excellent videos and pictures as a way of marketing the stallion. 

Have breeding facilities.

In case you are the owner of a mare, having the facilities is critical. Your mare requires to have a lot of low-stress workouts when expecting and after she colts, she and the baby will require a place to have fun.  A shed with areas where she can turn out to graze and play is critical – take a look on how to pony a horse.


As the owner of a mare, it is crucial to know that it takes time before you can make profits. So, before making your first sale of a foal, you will have to pay bills first.

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